Short stories

Tim has written over 100 short stories. Three of these have been published in critically acclaimed anthologies.

Tim plans to publish his own anthology of 26 stories early in 2016. Here is a free sample. Enjoy!

One of Tim’s short stories ‘Butterfly’ is featured in the Trunk book.

Trunk Book Vol 2


I love exploring beaches. Collaroy is the longest on Sydney’s North Shore and my favourite even in mid-winter. The rock pool at the southern end is fifty metres long and I squeeze out a kilometre swim, alternating my awkward freestyle, a mediocre backstroke, an impressive breaststroke and – my own invention – feet-forward doggy paddle. Lifeguards have been known to dive in to rescue me during most of my strokes but none is there today. Surf is hammering over the wall and spewing waves across the surface of the pool. I love the feeling even though I end up drinking a few litres. It’s mid-afternoon as I shiver my way out of the water to jog past the Norfolk pines to Narrabeen, at the far end.

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