About Tim Devron Green

The author:  Tim is an English-born Australian, living in Sydney.

He has enjoyed a career that took him around the world, and has a special interest in the Asia-Australasian region. He has managed to combine the high demands of an international corporate life with a strong desire to help others less fortunate than himself and many of us. He has had a particular ambition to help the youngest and often weakest members of society who are least able to change their circumstances.

‘Change for Good’:  Tim was the brainchild and principal driver behind getting this UNICEF  envelope collection programme started on QANTAS in 1991. This was followed up on Cathay Pacific, then British Airways and the One World Alliance. The programme has now collected over US$70 million for the world’s poorest and most vulnerable children.

First novel:  The arrival of his first full-length novel Drowning comes as no surprise to his friends. In his extensive charitable or simply good-natured work with young people, he has been able to assemble a rich and widespread set of knowledge and experiences about the challenges of growing up in a world where circumstances can be dramatically different just a few miles from one place to another. He has been football coach and mentor at schools for troubled students. His psychotherapy training has contributed to his continuing passion to guide and protect the young. Of course, such things come with a price, and Tim has seen a lot more than merely fairy-tale childhood stories, dreams and contexts. His novel draws on these experiences to explore some of the often-suppressed behaviour and feelings that can occur in allegedly developed societies when things go wrong. These wrong kinds of behaviour can fundamentally change lives.

In keeping with Tim’s perspective on life, he intends to donate most of the proceeds from the sale of this and his other books to ‘Change for Good’.

Short stories:  Four of Tim’s short stories were published recently. Two appeared in a Fellowship of Australian Writers’ award winning anthology and a third in the much-admired ‘Blood’ volume of the Trunk book. Others will be published soon. Tim’s stories twist and turn; what you think you see is not what you get.